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Application of spray nozzle in cooling and humidifying


In hot summer, the use of spray nozzle humidification c […]

In hot summer, the use of spray nozzle humidification cooling, outdoor temperature can be reduced 4-8 degrees, and can make the air pure and fresh, good physical and mental health. The principle is due to the collision of water molecules at high speed, will produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, it is called "vitamins in the air", per milliliter of air can produce 100,000 - 500,000 negative oxygen ions, is the general area 1500-5000 times, so that the air pure and fresh, enhance immunity, good for your health, but also for you to lift the outdoor mosquito intrusion. Natural clean, washed air, so that the modern home has a natural atmosphere, greatly improving the air quality.
Fine spray nozzle, spray mist particle size 20-70 microns pieces, you can use the filter to prevent blockage, and has leak-proof structure, the system pressure is off, the nozzle will not leak.
In addition, the nozzle disinfection in the environment, to eliminate the odor: You can add the assembly pump and tank, add disinfectant, the environment disinfection, you can also add a variety of flavors, odor, odor distribution.
Under the action of the spray nozzle, the temperature per cubic meter of air can be cooled by about 2 degrees per gram of water. For outdoor air, the spray cooling efficiency is very high. Theoretically, the energy required for cooling is to overcome the increase of surface tension of water Large required energy, 1 cubic meter of water into a 10-micron cube, the surface tension of the energy required about 43200 joules, and latent heat of evaporation up to 2.2 billion joules, the theoretical energy efficiency up to 50,000, while the air-conditioning by the thermodynamics The law of the limit, 30 ℃ when the temperature drop 5 ℃ theoretical maximum energy efficiency is about 60.
So, in the hot summer, we can also become cool around, let our brain run quickly, what are you waiting for, spray nozzle these materials are commonly used in our lives.

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