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Distinguish the nozzle is good or bad


    Since the nozzle is designed to operate under a var […]

    Since the nozzle is designed to operate under a variety of different spray conditions, the nozzle is suitable for use in order to achieve optimum spray performance in use. The characteristics of the nozzle are mainly reflected in the spray type of the nozzle, that is, the shape of the liquid when it leaves the nozzle opening and its running performance. The name of the nozzle is divided into fan-shaped, cone-shaped, liquid column flow (ie jet), air atomization, flat nozzle, which is divided into hollow cone and solid cone shape two categories; In the nozzle (ie, mixing nozzle), strong cold (hot) air outlet air nozzle and special nozzles (such as garden nozzles, tank washing nozzles, pipe cleaning nozzles and other series) is the name of the nozzle running performance.
   The nozzle type is larger and the range of choice is larger. Generally speaking, the nozzle of the degreasing and washing process can be used. The spray nozzle with strong impact force can be used as the example of "V" type fan nozzle, 60 ° for the best, with a greater impact strength; and phosphating process can be used to spray atomization, water particles fine uniform, weak impact centrifugal nozzle: "Z" type that is, for example, tap , The atomization nozzle from the workpiece the best distance of 40cm ~ 50cm, with scattered, so that the role of liquid spray atomization. The arrangement of the nozzles on the nozzle can be used in parallel and cross in two forms, the channel type, the use of vertical cross arrangement, spray better.
The factors that use atomizing nozzles are flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact, temperature, material, application, etc., and these factors are often implicated in each other, mutual restraint. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage are proportional to the relationship. The purpose of any nozzle is to maintain the continuous contact with the workpiece, the flow of this factor is more important than the pressure. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the spray performance of the nozzle, but it affects the viscosity and specific gravity, while also affecting the choice of material. The material of the nozzle should also be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the bath. For non-corrosive baths, it is possible to use bronze casting or plastic die casting according to the difficulty of processing. To prevent corrosion, can be used non-metallic materials; sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strong corrosion bath, nylon plastic can be used; for the phosphating bath nozzle material generally use acid-resistant stainless steel, to prevent corrosion of the nozzle can also be directly selected stainless steel or Nylon material production.
   Shaped nozzles are suitable for cleaning, degreasing, cooling and so on. Conical nozzles are suitable for bleaching, surface, phosphating, humidification, and so on. The nozzle is suitable for cleaning, degreasing and cooling. Such as the "H" type, that is, mixing nozzle (also known as venturi nozzle), for example, the tank through a certain pressure and the entrance was inhaled in the mouth of the tank The liquid is mixed with a flow rate of 1: 4 and then diffused and sprayed to achieve the effect of solute no air mixing and stirring, thus preventing precipitation, because agitation ensures uniform mixing of the chemical solution.

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