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Eight advantages of steam car wash


1 .Out-of-the-box Cold start, only 60 seconds heat engi […]

1 .Out-of-the-box
Cold start, only 60 seconds heat engine; standby, ready to use
2 .never scaling
The thermal working principle guarantees no scaling and eliminates the trouble of removing scale
3 .dry and wet flexible
Ability to choose from unsaturated steam to superheated steam, whatever you like
4 .overvoltage protection
Sensitive air pressure with high sensitivity, automatically stop working at design pressure
5 .higher pressure
Design work pressure breaks traditional pressure limits and car wash is more thorough
6 .standby pressure
Work gap, automatic sensing, entering the holding pressure, power saving standby state
7 .Save energy
Adopted patented technology, thermal inertia is small, energy saving of switch machine is > 90%, good insulation, working condition save heat and lose 10-20%
8 .Water Saving Efficient
Have the commonality of all steam car wash, save a lot of water resources, have good cleaning effect, disinfect and sterilize, at the same time reduce the pollution to the environment when car wash.

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