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Fan nozzle maintenance to know


For the fan nozzle we often use, we have to master a go […]

For the fan nozzle we often use, we have to master a good technology, that is, how to better maintain the fan nozzle to make our use longer, so we will think of such a thing, if there is no clue Have a quick look at it.
Fan nozzle in the use of the process of maintenance and care is essential, in different pH, viscosity, pressure environment, the loss of different material nozzle, the customer should be based on the actual use of the nozzle regularly clean the nozzle maintenance, Replacement, when the cleaning work is dirty, the nozzle is prone to clogging, on the one hand to change the cleanliness of the solution, the liquid filtration treatment, on the other hand to regular clean-up, the injection effect to play a normal role.
When the solution pH is very strong, to choose a strong corrosion-resistant material nozzle, when the solution concentration is very large, wear-resistant material to be used nozzle (ceramic / alloy), if the nozzle clogged without cleaning, on the one hand to clean the workpiece is not clean, On the one hand caused by the pump overload operation, so that the entire operation of the equipment is damaged.
Fan-shaped nozzle maintenance knowledge to know, so that we can others use more for a long time, of course, we can not fish for two days in three days, long-lasting adherence will make our fan nozzle becomes more durable.

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