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How to use electric sprayer to dilute pesticides


Electric sprayer is now widely used in agriculture, but […]

Electric sprayer is now widely used in agriculture, but many farmers friends may not touch the electric sprayer when the pesticide dilution is not good, it will often affect the weeding effect, in order to improve efficacy, electric sprayer dilution of pesticides Matters needing attention:
1 medicine box with a good liquid medicine immediately after spraying, the reason is that the proportion of various herbicides and the proportion of water is not exactly the same, such as the proportion of herbicides than water, stored for a period of time after the herbicide will sink, resulting The concentration of the lower liquid, the concentration of the upper liquid is small, seriously affecting the weeding effect.
2. Preparation of diluent: Preparation of diluted solution in the electric sprayer kit, you must first add about 10 centimeters deep in the medicine tank after the medicine or mother liquor can be slowly added to the chest, and then add water to the water line to spray Shi. Never before the water tank without water or fill the tank filled with water after the agent or mother liquor, because it is difficult to formulate a uniform diluent, will seriously affect the control effect.
According to the above two points of attention, the majority of farmers and friends should have a certain understanding of the dilution method of pesticides in electric sprayer. Master pesticide dilution technology, in order to better play the maximum effect of pesticides!

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