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Introduction of Sprinkler irrigation system


Using mechanical and power equipment, water is sprayed […]

Using mechanical and power equipment, water is sprayed through the nozzle (or nozzle) into the air to rain down the fields of irrigation methods.

Sprinkler irrigation system features

①. Provincial water:

Because sprinkler irrigation can control the amount and uniformity of water spray to avoid surface runoff and deep leakage losses, so that the water utilization rate is greatly improved, generally save 30% to 50% of the amount of water than flood irrigation, saving water also means savings Power to reduce irrigation costs.

②. Labor:

Spray irrigation facilitates mechanization and automation, which can save labor. Due to the abolition of the water ditches in the field, it not only facilitates mechanical operations, but also greatly reduces the amount of field work.

③. Adaptable:

Sprinkler irrigation is adaptable to all terrains and does not require the leveling of land as in surface irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation can be performed on sloping fields and undulating ground. Especially in sandy soils with thin soil layers and strong water permeability, it is very suitable for sprinkler irrigation.

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