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Metal pipe fittings


1, Galvanized pipe: This pipe is easy to produce rust w […]

1, Galvanized pipe: This pipe is easy to produce rust within the pipe after use, not only contaminated sanitary ware, breeding bacteria, and high levels of metal in water, endangering human health, has now been banned as drinking water pipe.
2, Brass: the more traditional good water pipes, corrosion-resistant, if the connection with a regular tube for a long time there will be leakage problems, if the welding process will be a lot of safety.
3, Stainless steel pipe: stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, hygiene, no rust, no scaling, no dialysis put foreign body, self-cleaning, long life, environmental protection, one hundred percent recycling, water quality will not result Secondary pollution, is one of the best pipeline materials, the future to replace the other pipe material is very large.

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