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Mobile car wash advantages


Beautiful style: Exquisite appearance design, professio […]

Beautiful style: Exquisite appearance design, professional, high-end, high degree of acceptance of the owner;

Technology leadership: The introduction of the industry's high-end core technology, built-in functional design, high degree of automation, stable performance, easy operation;

Complete functions: It has many functions, such as high-pressure micro-water cleaning, high-power vacuum, polishing and waxing, etc.

Excellent workmanship: The outer shell is made of stainless steel, durable, imported German imported materials, excellent quality;

Eco-friendly and water-saving: About 8 liters of water is washed in a car, which saves about 80% of water consumption compared with traditional car washes;

The pressure can be adjusted: the spray gun has two modes of atomization and high pressure, which can be adjusted to the best effect;

Self-contained power supply: No need for external power supply, with 12V battery charging, a wide range of car washing operations, mobile freely

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