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Rocker nozzle rotation is not normal


  ① Rocker work properly, but the nozzle does not turn […]

  Rocker work properly, but the nozzle does not turn or rotate slowly. The reasons are as follows: hollow shaft and sleeve shaft clearance is too small, should increase its gap; between the two was blocked into the sediment should be removed and cleaned; sleeve shaft too tight when installed, should be properly relaxed.
Rocker angle is too small. The reasons are: rocker spring is too tight, should be properly tuned; rocker arm installed too high, the water can not be fully cut into the tongue, should be lowered; rocker and rocker shaft with tight, should increase the gap; Insufficient, should be raised. ③ rocker arm angle enough, but percussion weakness. The reason is that the deflector cut into the water tongue is too deep, so that the strength of the rocker arm has not been fully tapped in the body that is being punched. The percussion block should be thickened.
The tapping frequency of the rocker arm is unstable, suddenly and slowly. The reason is that the rocker arm and shaft cooperate loose or rocker shaft loose, need to find the reason to correct.
Rocker throw off can not return. The main reason is rocker arm spring is too loose, should tighten the spring.

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