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Several types of commonly used nozzles


1. Conical nozzle structure: This type of nozzle struct […]

1. Conical nozzle structure: This type of nozzle structure has a conical inlet with guiding effect and a straight section that acts as a bundle.It is relatively easy for the abrasive to enter the nozzle, and the distribution of the abrasive on the nozzle cross section is more uniform than the cylindrical nozzle.

2. special nozzle: double outlet special sandblasting nozzle, complex structure, generally used in special occasions, such as sand blasting the inner wall of the pipe.

3. Cylindrical straight hole nozzle structure: It has both spray gun and nozzle functions. The structure is simple. It can be directly replaced with seamless steel pipe. It can also be obtained by drilling holes in the material, but the
nozzle has a short life span and is mostly used for spraying. Sand processing requirements are not high occasions

4. Combined nozzle structure: Material with different properties is designed at the inlet, outlet and middle part of the nozzle, and each part of the material is assembled into a nozzle by mechanical combination. The combined nozzle is
designed to have high hardness at the inlet and outlet of the nozzle. The main ceramic or other wear-resistant material, the middle nozzle can be designed as a high-toughness metal or other materials, combined nozzle can meet the
different requirements of the nozzle inlet, outlet and intermediate parts to resist erosion wear performance, to a certain extent The erosion resistance of the nozzle is improved, but compared with the overall structure of the nozzle,
two or more materials need to be prepared, and related processes such as assembly are added.


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