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Steam car wash features


1 . Fast And Safe Using "instantaneous vaporization" te […]

1 . Fast And Safe
Using "instantaneous vaporization" technology, simultaneous water intake at the same time without boiling water, with multiple safety protection devices and temperature limit power failure, leakage protection of the ultra-gate involved
in the protection of the entire machine to use safety.

2 . Economic And Energy Aaving
The design is reasonable, and the reactive power consumption is small when starting and stopping. According to different use occasions, different steam dry humidity can be selected independently, convenient and economical, and the energy
saving effect is obvious.

3 . Stable And Durable
The large safety factor design, excellent material selection, stable and mature technology, and unstructured features ensure the long-term stable and good working condition of the car washer.

4 . Convenient And Easy To Use
Automatic design, as long as the switch is turned on, without any technical requirements, everything is under control.

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