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Ten features of self-service car washing machine


1, the water system The use of foreign patented product […]

1, the water system
The use of foreign patented product multi-liquid ratio shunt instrument to achieve a shot of the dual water function. One is clear water and the other is thermal decomposition of steam. Water vapor combination for easy operation.

2. Billing system
Charging method, 1, sensor IC card; 2, coin coin acceptor.
The advantage of using a sensor IC card is that it avoids the phenomenon of poor contact when the contact IC card is used for a long time, and the use environment needs to be characterized. Sensing IC cards are less affected by the environment and have a low failure rate.

3, coin system
The coin acceptor is a coin-operated three-dimensional coin, which has high security, does not eat coins, and can identify counterfeit coins with high sensitivity.

4, chassis shell
The car washer uses 1.5mm thick galvanized steel, which is more safe and strong. The machine is not rusted, the paint is not easy to fall off, and corrosion is prevented.

5, fault self-check system
When the machine is in the process of operation, when a fault occurs, the machine can be self-checked by the control system, and the results of the inspection can be converted into corresponding fault codes and displayed on the control panel. Through the fault code comparison table in the manual, you can easily find the cause of the fault and eliminate it.

6, antifreeze system
①, temperature control system: dual temperature control system. The internal temperature of the machine is controlled within a range, rather than a specific temperature, such as (5°C~10°C). This temperature range can be adjusted (1~60°C) according to different cities, seasons, and environments. Input voltage 12V, output voltage 12V.
②, heating system: two heaters. If one heater has a problem, the other can start immediately within 5 seconds to prevent accidents.
③, insulation material:
I, internal insulation. Inside the chassis is a high-density polyethylene compression board and aluminum foil (the role of the aluminum foil is to refract infrared rays to store heat)
II. Heater is used for external pipe insulation. Its width is 25px and its thickness is 7.5px.

7, water storage system
The machine has a built-in water storage system to prevent the car washer from operating normally due to the stoppage of water in the municipal water supply.

8, anti-theft system
The chassis adopts the most advanced T-type anti-snail locks in China and adopts a screw-rotating structure, which is durable and safer. There are four screws on the bottom of the machine to prevent theft.

9, display system
The three-digit display function is used to display the time and amount. With automatic voice prompts and background music.

10, other functions
Full-featured, multi-functional combination, such as air gun function, to meet the needs of different consumers. Reserve machine upgrade space to facilitate future machine upgrades.
Self-service car washing machine can be widely used in underground parking lot, gas station, residential parking lot, car beauty shop and other occasions.

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