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The use of nozzle more efficient fan-shaped nozzle better use


    With the progress of the times, continuous developm […]

    With the progress of the times, continuous development of various products, we are always hesitant in the process of selecting products. Too much the same effect of the product so that we do not know where to start. But no matter what the use of products, the most important of course, the issue of efficiency. Need to pay more attention to using the nozzle more efficient use of the product, especially in the pursuit of speed now of course, the efficiency is not too low.
It can be said that it is quite clear that the design of the fan-shaped nozzle is delimited by the edge of the spray pattern. This more conducive to the fine processing of the flow guide plane provides a uniform, high impact spray shape. Used to improve the efficiency of the nozzle to use a higher efficiency.
Because now the development of the nozzle industry is more, but the development and production of various spiral nozzle efficiency is mediocre, and the spray channel design is relatively direct impact on the spray effect.
However, the design of the fan nozzle is different, and its spray channel design is large and smooth, reducing the blocking phenomenon and improving the efficiency of use, that is, the fan-shaped cross section of the spray has a tapering edge. The spray particles are small and even, the spray particles are medium in size When a nozzle is arranged, 25% to 30% overlap is required to make the arrangement uniform in the entire direction. Can produce a variety of angles fan spray spray uniform water flow, medium droplet size using modular combination of connections, easy installation and replacement can be installed filters, easy to clean. This is the use of fan-shaped nozzle more efficient use of efficiency and efficiency of the principle!
More efficient use of nozzles Fan-shaped nozzle is better to use It does not mean that the other nozzle is not good, but for different product use efficiency and function are not the same. Just like a spiral nozzle, a spray nozzle, a ceramic nozzle, a cleaning nozzle, an atomizing nozzle, a metal nozzle, a fan nozzle, and the like, the functions of these nozzles are different. Need to use the nozzle more efficient use of the product should be more fan-shaped nozzle to use better!

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