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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of sprayer in use


The spray pressure is insufficient, poor atomization: i […]

The spray pressure is insufficient, poor atomization: if the inlet valve is put dirt, remove the water inlet valve, with a cloth to remove dirt; if damaged because the skin bowl, it can replace the new leather bowl; if not installed joint seals, or because of damage to the seal and leakage, can be used to replace the sealing ring. Do not spray fog: if for oblique hole nozzle body is blocked by dirt, can dredge the inclined hole; if the plug nozzle can open the cleaning nozzle, but do not use copper wire or other hard objects to poke holes, prevent the hole expansion, the spray quality becomes worse; if the casing or filter plug the valve ball is small, should clean the filter and cleaning up the ball on the dirt.
Or look at the switch Water Leakage or stop, if the switch cap is not tightened, screw the switch cap; if the wear due to switch on the core washer, replace the gasket; switch does not move, the reason is placed longer, or used for a long time, the switch core agent for etch and bonding, remove the zero a cleaning in kerosene or diesel oil; difficult to remove, soak for a period of time in kerosene, then remove it can be removed, with hard things beat.
Also take a look at the connecting parts of Water Leakage, due to loose joints, screw nuts; if the washer is not damaged due to flat or flat washers, should be, or replace the gasket; if the dry shrinkage of hardened washers can be macerated in animal oil after use.

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