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Water tongue abnormalities


 If the rotary nozzle is working properly, the water to […]

 If the rotary nozzle is working properly, the water tongues should have a smooth, transparent round compact section in the vicinity of the nozzle when there is no obstruction (rocker-type water guide or impeller of the worm gear) Water tongue gradually white and was crushed; its range should not be less than 85% of the standard value, and should be good atomization. Otherwise abnormal watery tongue.

Reasons and solutions
① water just leave the nozzle, the surface is rough and opaque, but the water is still the mainstream circular, due to nozzle processing rough, burr or injury. The nozzle should be polished or replaced nozzle.
② water just leave the nozzle to spread, there is no round dense section. The main reason is the nozzle internal damage is serious, should be replaced; rectifier distortion, should be repaired or replaced; foreign body blockage in the flow path, foreign body should be removed.

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